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Welcome to the Fort Hunt Football Family! We are excited about the 2018 season and plan on providing a fun, safe, and positive experience for you and your child. This is accomplished through emphasis on sportsmanship, team play, self-discipline, maximum effort, integrity, and maximum participation in a FUN environment. The information below will be of benefit to rookies and veterans alike, as well as to their parents and legal guardians, answering many of the most common questions and concerns.

FORT HUNT FOOTBALL (TACKLE) is a member of the Fairfax County Youth Football League (FCYFL) and is governed by its rules and regulations - see http://www.fcyfl.org/ for more information. We play full contact football under modified High School Rules (which are different than the NFL) and play games against opponents, of comparable size and ability, throughout the county and surrounding area. (7-16 age & weight matrix is below)


FORT HUNT FLAG FOOTBALL - Our House League Flag football program is designed to offer a safe, dynamic, and competitive environment for young athletes to both discover and develop the skills and techniques necessary to succeed on both sides of the ball. The slate of practices and games ensures that all flag football participants receive comprehensive instruction and gain a keen understanding of the sport. (5-14 boys & girls) Flag Football will practice 1 day a week and play one game a week (Tuesday Practice day and Thursday Game Day). This will be a house league so travel is restricted to the local Fort Hunt community. Practice and game times will be 6:00 - 8:00 PM


FORT HUNT SIDELINE CHEER - Side Line Cheer is for boys and girls ages 5 to 14 years old.  The Side Line Cheer Team participates at all Fort Hunt Home games at Carl Sandburg Middle School.  They conduct traditional sideline cheers which motivates the teams and crowd


FORT HUNT FOOTBALL UNLIMITED is a member of GYFL (Grassroots Youth Football League). see www.thegyfl.com Our UNLIMITED football is for ELITE football players that are looking to use this as a platform to play at the next level. There is no weight requirement (6th-7th-8th graders welcome)

FCYFL Weight Classes

Anklebiters (7 year olds at any weight, 8 year olds under 90lbs, 9 yr olds under 55lbs)
The Anklebiter Instructional Group is one conference, divided into several divisions, dependent on the number of teams enrolled. Since these are the youngest players in an instructional group with special competition rules, no distinction between levels of experience is warranted.

This Age and Weight Matrix is now OFFICIAL, and the new weights appear below.
  Age on October 1
Weight Class 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
AB UNL 90 55              
80LB   100 90 85 80          
90LB     110 100 95 90        
100LB       120 110 105 100      
115LB         135 125 120 115    
130LB           UNL 140 135 130  
155LB             UNL 165 160 155

* The minimum weight requirement for participating is 40lbs. Players must weigh at or greater than 40lbs by the official weigh-in.

For the remainder of the weight classes there are three established conferences to provide three different levels of ability and experience for the players.

American Conference
The American Conference is structured with youths of the greatest ability and most experience in comparison to their peers; therefore we will only field one American Conference team in each weight class.

Central Conference
The Central Conference is a mid-level competition group structured to include both single entry Club teams which may not be able to compete equally in the American Conference and multiple entry Club teams with some experience.

National Conference
The National Conference is designated as a conference for multi-entry teams with youth of limited ability and experience in comparison to the other conferences.

Required Equipment: The following is a list of required equipment. Parents and players will not modify this equipment in any way. All uniforms and equipment will be provided by Fort Hunt, except as noted:
1. Helmet (with approved face guard and chin strap).
2. Shoulder Pads.
3. Game Pants (with thigh pads & knee pads).
4. Practice Pants.
5. Hip Pads and Tail Pad.
6. Game Jersey.
7. Practice Jersey.
8. Shoes - either molded or removable cleats are allowed - (provided by the player).
9. Mouth Guard
10. Black game socks

Optional Equipment (Provided by the Player):
1. Athletic Supporter (with cup insert) and other personal protection devices are recommended, but must be in compliance with the National Federation of State High Schools Associations (NHFS) Rules.
2. Any shirts won under your game jersey need to be black in color.

If in doubt, check with your Head Coach or  the Commissioner.